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Other Events by the Organisers

The Irish Content Marketing Awards is a part of the BusinessRiver network solution which hosts over 12,000 senior level business professionals at over 30 events with a wider business network of over 25,000 people.


We have founded more than 30 award programmes, meetings and events across a diverse range of business sectors:


Entertainment & Leisure | Science & Technology | Pharmachem | Life Sciences | Media & Marketing | Sustainability | Legal & Finance | Construction | Agribusiness | Aviation | Marine | Property Development | Architecture | Fit Out | Facilities Management


Please find below a sample of some of the events within the BusinessRiver network.

The Irish CX Impact Awards

The Irish CX Impact Awards recognise your achievements in measuring and managing Customer Experience excellence that delivers better outcomes for your customers and ultimately your own business or organisation. Visit the Website.

UX Awards

The UX Awards provides a platform from which to amplify and celebrate the UX world and the incredible contribution those in it – the designers, developers, agencies, clients, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders – make to economies and societies. Visit the Website.


The eCommerce & Payment Awards aim to recognise the complexity and centrality of eCommerce to our world and celebrate the massive contribution it makes to local economies and ongoing global trade development. Visit the Website.

Event Industry Awards

The Awards programme for the event industry itself. Visit the Website.

The Irish Sponsorship Awards

The Awards programme which celebrates excellence and achievement in the discipline of sponsorship in Ireland. Visit the Website.

The Education Awards

The Education Awards recognise, encourage and celebrate excellence in the third level education sector on the island of Ireland from both State and privately funded institutions. Visit the Website.

Pharma Industry Awards

The Awards programme that encourages excellence and innovation in the Irish pharmaceutical sector. Visit the Website.

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