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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Irish Content Marketing Awards (ICMA) are organised by BusinessRiver Ltd, Pleasants House, Pleasants Lane, Dublin 8.

  2. All entries for the ICMA's must be completed and uploaded via the online entry system by the entry deadline date.

  3. Entry deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the organisers.

  4. All entries must be a truthful representation of the entrant's involvement, with a proven record.

  5. Entries are encouraged either directly or from external contracted third parties acting for the putative nominee.

  6. All entrants agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and accept no correspondence, telephone, email or communication of any kind will be entered into in relation to decisions reached.

  7. All material submitted in support of an entry is warranted by the entrant to be their property and is entered without any encumbrances by third parties.

  8. The entrant indemnifies, and agrees to keep indemnified, the organisers of the ICMA's for any claims arising out of any material, statements or claims made as part of their entry.

  9. The entrant agrees that the organisers of the awards are entitled to judge their entry and select what they consider to be the winner in a given category without recourse to the entrants.

  10. The entrant agrees that should they be shortlisted for an Award they will provide a representative to attend the award ceremony to accept the trophy in the event they are successful.

  11. The organisers reserve the right, and the entrant agrees to same, that where the shortlisted entrant fails to send a representative to attend the event the organisers can withdraw the relevant shortlisted entry(s) from the competition without further recourse.

  12. In the circumstances that a shortlisted entrant fails to send a representative to the event but has been declared the winner, the organisers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to void the entrants submission(s) and promote the next placed entrant present at the event to be declared the winner.

  13. In the event that a winning entrant does not send a representative to the event then, on submitting to the organisers an explanation as to their non-attendance, they may still, at the organisers sole discretion, be awarded their trophy which will be shipped to them upon receipt from the entrant by the organisers of a payment of €500.00 plus VAT.

  14. If the entrant wins an award it grants permission to the organisers to use any photographs, video, sound, written or other material as it sees fit and without restriction.

  15. Entries received without the prerequisite information will be deemed invalid and withdrawn from the Awards.

  16. The ICMA's reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time if the entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

  17. The ICMA's' decision is final.

  18. Organisers reserve the right not to award a category at its own discretion and without recourse to the entrants of said category.

  19. In the event that a category is deemed not to have received a sufficient number of entries for the shortlist, the organisers reserve the right, and the entrant agrees to the same, to withdraw the entrant's submission and to assign the winner based on nomination from the event’s judging panel.

  20. The ICMA's reserve the right to nominate the entrant in additional categories that the organisers feel appropriate.

  21. The person named on the entry form will be the used as the point of contact by the ICMA's.

  22. If the name of the nominated contact person changes, the ICMA's must be contacted immediately.

  23. Shortlisted entrants may be required to provide additional information upon request from the ICMA's.

  24. Entries will be judged by a panel of judges.

  25. Organisations can enter as many categories as they like.

  26. Sponsors cannot enter the category they are sponsoring.

  27. The winners of the awards may state in advertising, promotional material and on their stationery that they are a winner,
    but this must make it clear which category and the year in which they won.

  28. The organisers reserve the right, and the entrant accepts same, to remove an entry from the competition at their sole discretion and without recourse to said entrant.

  29. The ICMA's and all its Intellectual Property remains the sole copyright of BusinessRiver Limited and is a solely owned trading entity of BusinessRiver limited all rights reserved.

  30. These rules and regulations will be subject to the laws of Republic of Ireland.

  31. A copy of our privacy policy is available here.


​All material herein copyright BusinessRiver (c)

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